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​A word from our CEO

At Cobra Enterprises, safety is our top priority, guiding every aspect of our operations. Our strong safety culture empowers employees, customers, and contractors to prioritize safety in every decision they make. We proactively plan our work with safety in mind, minimizing onsite risks before we even begin. Safety awareness is ingrained in our processes, installations, and services, ensuring the protection and wellbeing of everyone involved.


​We never compromise safety for schedule or cost, Cobra encourages all staff to keep safety in the forefront of their minds in day to day operations. Our core purpose is to build safer, better, more efficient, while being environmental stewards in the areas where we operate. We minimize environmental disruption as part of our commitment to safety and environmental protection.


Creating a safe work environment requires everyone's involvement. We foster a culture of safety excellence through the leadership, commitment, and participation of all stakeholders. We exceed local, provincial, and federal safety regulations through our own stringent policies, manuals, and procedures. All employees are encouraged to participate in safety programs, raise concerns, and refuse unsafe work if necessary. Through ongoing training and assessments, our safety-conscious team is empowered to address safety concerns without hesitation.


Our unwavering dedication to safety ensures that every employee, contractor, and visitor returns home safely every day. Together, we steward Cobra Enterprises' safety culture to uphold our commitment to safety above all else.


​Tyler Prevost,

CEO, Cobra Enterprises.

​A word from our CEO


At Cobra Enterprises we are committed to continuously improving our safety program and our industry-leading culture of safety.

Our approach includes the proactive pre-planning of work with safety top of mind and reducing onsite risks before our work begins. Cobra Enterprises' recognizes every employee has a right to a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace and to return home safe at the end of each working day. The management of Cobra Enterprises is committed to the promotion and maintenance of health and safety that addresses physical, psychological, and social well-being of its employees. We achieve a culture of safety excellence through the leadership, commitment, and involvement of all our stakeholders.

Local, provincial, and federal regulatory rules and regulations within our operational reach serve as our baseline requirements, and we are committed to exceeding these expectations through our own safety policies, manuals, and procedures. We encourage all of our employees to be part of our safety programs, to raise concerns as they are discovered and utilize their right to refuse unsafe work should it present itself.

Through ongoing safety training, localized orientations, and competency assessments, Cobra Enterprises employs a safety conscientious team which is empowered to report, discuss, and raise safety concerns without hesitation. Cobra Enterprises is currently going through final stages of its COR certification. 

As a result of our unique business model and experience, Cobra Enterprises is able to leverage our business relationships to achieve our commitments and prioritize the engagement of both socially responsible enterprises and Indigenous groups, to mitigate health and safety and environmental impacts, and to deliver positive social enhancements within the communities in which we operate. 

Team Participation
At Cobra Enterprises, we encourage all team members to be actively involved in our health, safety, and environmental (HSE) program. This means attending monthly and yearly meetings to discuss safety measures and progress. Field workers also join monthly safety meetings to talk about challenges and share ideas for solutions. Every day, crews gather to discuss any changes or issues on site. Additionally, our Joint Workplace Health and Safety Committee meets regularly to review incidents and suggest improvements.
Risk Assessment
Before starting any new task, our workers carefully assess potential hazards through a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). This analysis is reviewed and approved by both workers and supervisors before work begins. We ensure that all work sites, whether new or existing, are thoroughly checked for any possible dangers.
Incident Management
At Cobra Enterprises, we have clear procedures for investigating all incidents. Our aim is to minimize losses of both people and materials. By investigating incidents thoroughly, we aim to fix any unsafe practices or conditions, reducing the chances of similar incidents in the future. We communicate our findings to all sites promptly to ensure any issues are addressed.

We conduct regular inspections across all our facilities and job sites to maintain safety standards. Through these inspections, we identify and address any unsafe practices or conditions to prevent injuries and damage. Our supervisors and managers also regularly check our offices, shops, and work sites to ensure they meet safety requirements and promptly address any concerns.

Health and Safety Program

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